Morning Glory Arts Therapy

Morning Glory Arts Therapy

We Make Our Own Joy
Finding openings
through the tangle
of branches,
we make
our own joy.

PhotoPoem by Akiba & Maryam Mermey Copyright © 2019

Maine/General Hospital in Waterville, Maine
Essences PhotoPoem Exhibit 2020-2021

An Artistic Collaboration by Akiba & Maryam Mermey

Essences, inspired by Nature’s beauty and grace, are Maryam’s poetic responses to the musical images and spirits within Akiba’s photographs. Maryam is an expressive arts artist & expressive arts therapist and Akiba is a nature photographer. Together they hope the interplay of words and images on display touch your essence.

Feel free to share any responses in either of the two Essences PhotoPoem Exhibit Guest Books.

Maryam may be contacted about the purchase of a PhotoPoem, to book a PhotoPoem Exhibit, class or any other related matter at:

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Tel. (207) 458-3357.

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Maryam Mermey, PhD REAT

Maryam Mermey, PhD REAT

Dr. Maryam is a registered Expressive Arts Therapist and has a private practice called Morning Glory Arts Therapy. She also offers healing glass classes at Maine/General as part of the Prevention and Healthy Living Program. Maryam presents trainings, courses and workshops in the use of the Expressive Arts for Trauma for counselors/therapists, educators, health care professionals and medical professionals. She designed an original bully prevention model for children, youth and adults called Transforming the Bullying Cycle Through The Expressive Arts which has been used internationally since 2004. The Transforming the Bullying Cycle Through the Expressive Arts Model specializes in working with young people with the neurodiversity of autism. Most recently in November of 2019 she presented Transforming the Trauma of Bullying via the Expressive Arts for the AUCD (Association of University Centers on Disabilities) in Washington, DC.

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