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The 15th International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference

~ The Tao of Expressive Arts ~ 2023.7.14-16

Images, Poetry & the Spirit Presentation ~ July 14th from 1:30-3pm EDT

"Images, Poetry & the Spirit" presents a slideshow of nature photographs as sources of inspiration and/or jumping off points for illuminating poetry writing. The presentation opens with a simple, participatory sacred song and dance called "Tis a Gift to be Simple." "Tis a Gift to be Simple,” like Tao, trusts in the creative process of bowing & bending to what emerges as a path to revealing the universe in a drop of golden sun. While the dance was created as an in-person, sacred circle dance, the wisdom and exhilaration of the spirit can be experienced with everyone doing the movements individually in place or from sitting. This is followed by a contemplative slideshow of nature photographs and time to both write and share poetry. "Images, Poetry & the Spirit" has been offered via zoom to unhoused guests, in-person to participants in the Peter Alfond Prevention and Healthy Living Center and through zoom to an international community sponsored by the British Haiku Society with the focus on haiku. Most recently, “Images, Haiku & the Spirit” was presented to nurses and other health care professionals in Maine to help honor and celebrate Nurses’ Week in May 2023.

The flow of ecstasy & contemplation through singing, dancing, nature photographs & poetry


Maryam Mermey, PhD,REAT
Founding Director, The

Dr. Maryam Mermey is a life-long expressive arts therapist, teacher and artist who offers international trainings in expressive arts therapy. Maryam started an Expressive Arts Program at the Peter Alfond Prevention and Healthy Living Center at MaineGeneral Health in Augusta, Maine... Read More →

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