New to the Forests of Selay: Witnesses Transforming into Heroes

New to the Forests of Selay - Book and CDNew to the Forests of Selay is an inspiring story which illustrates the four major roles in the bullying dynamic i.e. the bully, the target, the witness, and the hero. These roles are portrayed by albino and brown-furred deer when a family of new deer made up of an albino father and daughter and a brown-furred mother and son try to integrate into the Forests of Selay. The book dramatically shows the safest and most effective way to stop bullying as the Witnesses transform into Heroes by practicing and celebrating inclusion. "New to the Forests of Selay" includes a Teacher's Guide at the end of the book that can also be used by guidance counselors, therapists and families. The strategies and techniques contained in "New to the Forests of Selay" have been utilized and proven effective in both the US and abroad since 2004.

“New to the Forests of Selay is a valuable resource in bully prevention, providing children with the skills and confidence to diffuse bullying. As a children’s librarian, I have run two public library bully prevention programs and know, by far what an outstanding tool this tale is, not only for librarians but for parents and teachers, as well. The enchanting story is told through a compassionate spirit that allows the message of strength to come through as hearts of icy hatred thaw into forgiveness forming new friendships and understanding.
—Carol McFadden, Children’s Librarian
“You are an amazing storyteller and it is a beautiful story. The message is so simple, so clear, and so powerful.”
—Anne Kennelly, Expressive Arts Therapist
“I know the story of New to the Forests of Selay helped people to stop bullying. The story helped people see that we’re all human and that what a person is like on the outside isn’t always how the person is on the inside.”
—Fifth Grade Student
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