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Too Live Here - a Haiku Anthology


"To Live Here"  -  a collection of haiku on the theme of home, which explores the many facets of human experience, from the mundane to the sublime. Featuring the work of talented poets from around the world, this anthology invites readers to reflect on the beauty and complexity of the world we inhabit. The original illustrations are by Scottish artist Colin Thom. All proceeds are donated to charity. To purchase a copy, just head over to
A soul~stirring otter photo of Akiba’s inspired a haiku, which we are honored to have included in this noble anthology.

Humming Bird Moth



HUmmingbird M 5271


into the nectar

a perfect fit


PhotoHaiku by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright ©️ 2023

Moorhen & Chick



Sometimes we look inside to see another

PhotoHaiku by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright 2023

Painting Glass Mandalas

 Painting Glass Mandalas

Heart & soul~stirring painting glass Mandalas made by the incredible participants in the Painting Glass Mandalas class series sponsored by the Peter Alfond Prevention and Healthy Living Center at the Alfond Center for Health in Augusta, Maine on Saturday, February 18th & Saturday, February 25th 2023. 

 IMG 9434

IMG 9449

IMG 9440

IMG 9442 

IMG 9470

IMG 9438

IMG 9439


IMG 9458

IMG 9452

IMG 9431

Hooded Merganser




Hooded Merganser



in marbled water

she makes a crescent


PhotoHaiku by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright  2023

Angelic Seagull

Gardiner Landing 7593


Angelic seagull


the photographer


PhotoHaiku by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright 2023

Fusing Glass Art

The Glass Jewelry Making class as part of the Expressive Arts Program offered at MaineGeneral Health in the Peter Alfond Prevention & Healthy Living Center was offered Saturday, November 12th & 19th. The enormously creative and inventive participants were true to their own inspirations in making fusing glass art, jewelry and tree ornaments for the holidays. The following photos show the luminous & magical glass art before attachments were added. The intention of the class was for participants to experience an added dimension of the jewels within their beings.  

IMG 9247

IMG 9238

IMG 9237

IMG 9236

IMG 9235

IMG 9234

IMG 9231

 IMG 9230

IMG 9229 

IMG 9226

IMG 9225

IMG 9223

Burnt Orange

BUTTERFLY 6191 copy


A Bach moment

of  burnt orange

earth and air


PhotoHaiku by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright © 2022




SUN FLOWER C. 4 1428 copy


spiral force


by sun petals


PhotoHaiku by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright © 2022

Snowy Egret





white hyacinth heart

Monteverdi's Magnificat

snowy egret flies


photohaiku by akiba & maryam mermey copyright © 2022

Mother & Daughter Glass Art


An exceptionally creative Mother & Daughter at a private class at Morning Glory Arts designed these amazing pieces of fusing glass artwork!!! It was truly inspiring to witness these artists at work!!! Thank you for bringing this beauty into the world ?

Morning Glory Arts

Morning Glory ArtsMorning Glory Arts 

Morning Glory Arts

Morning Glory Art





Mama, Ducklings & Painted Turtle

Mallard fam. PT 9818

smiling eyes

fuzzy young

sun~reflecting turtle

chance meeting


PhotoHaiku by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright 2022

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