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If I breathe into you

and you breathe into me

we can hold our lives together with pine sap

We can feel the strength in muskrats, blue jays and Baltimore Orioles

We can pour tart cherry juice over vegan yogurt for breakfast 

We can send PhotoPoem cards to young people who are loosing their hold on this world going up in flames, disease and corruption 

We can keep washing our bodies and hair and cleaning our houses

We can keep practicing the movements of peace

We can keep going on scooter rides along the Kennebec River

and sitting in chairs way too big for vertically challenged people

We can keep making chocolate tofu pudding with black berries on top

We can rise with the sun and run in the moonlight

and be just crazy and healthy enough

to tilt the world a little bit.


PhotoPoem by Akiba & Maryam Mermey copyright © 2020



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