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Creative Painting Class

The Creative Painting class with the AMAZINGLY INNOVATIVE Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residents expressed the miracles of color & joyous camaraderie!!!! The small group paintings were created on 48"x60" canvases inspired by Jackson Pollock's splatter or drip painting techniques. Jackson Pollock was an Amercan painter who lived from 1912-1956 and made a significant contribution to the abstract expressionist movement with his drip technique.

The theme of the first group painting was flow. The second group painting has a celestial/spiritual theme. In the third group painting the residents allowed a theme to organically emerge, which has a springy, whimsical feel. The theme of the fourth group painting was light emerging from dark. I was truly moved and deeply honored to witness the unfoldment of their great spirits in color!!!!

The glorious individual, mixed media paintings follow on various surfaces including oval canvases, practice panels and specialized paper for alcohol paints, which were most kindly donated by Dr. Megan Barker. What a marvelous festival of color and creativity!!!

IMG 3395

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