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Divine Gratefulness

Norwegian Fjord
Photo by Maryam Mermey (Norwegian Fjord)

Divine Gratefulness

The focus of this blog article is on Divine Gratefulness as expressed in the Christian hymn Gloria in excelsis Deo. Many moons ago, I was stirred to choreograph a dance to the first verse of this hymn, which is part of the Dances of Universal Peace. To this day, every time I sing this song and do the dance, I feel a fjord of gratefulness open up in my heart; gratefulness for the connection to the heavens above and the earth below and the joyous beings in the circle! Gloria in excelsis Deo means praise be to God on high. It's a mysterious process how listening to the angels and the mountains sing to each other can make us feel there is a pathway through even the most difficult times. At the top of the photo above, there is an angelic presence in the form of clouds. May this angelic presence watch over all of us as we find and refind Divine Gratefulness for that which is coming into being and that which is passing away...      

Gloria in excelsis Deo choreographed by Maryam Mermey ~ From the Christian Tradition ~ Divine Gratefulness ~

  1. ‘Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing ore the sky’ - Walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with hands cupped by the ears and extending the arms in a V.
  2. ‘And the mountains in reply, echoing their joyous strains’ - Continue walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with arms coming together to form a mountain peak with finger tips touching and coming apart in a pulsing motion radiating outward as an echo.
  3.  ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo’ – On the word “Gloria” spin to the right with outstretched arms and palms facing up, in a spirit of receiving, exuberant gratefulness. On the phrase, “in excelsis Deo” spin to the left with outstretched arms and palms facing down, in a spirit of giving, exuberant gratefulness. Repeat sequence 2x.
  4. Variations may include additional verses with movements expressing the emotions of Divine Gratefulness.

The focus of the next blog article is on Divine Peace as expressed in the song and dance Asalaam Aleikum from the Muslim Tradition.


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