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Divine Peace

Stained Glass Window of Dove

Photo by Maryam Mermey 


Divine Peace

Singing and dancing

in circles,

we find

our way


by Maryam Mermey


Asalaam Aleikum is Arabic and means hello and peace be with you. The Asalaam Aleikum song and dance represent the Muslim Tradition and are part of the Dances of Universal Peace. In these turbulent times, this song and dance can help us find the Divine Peace living in our inner most home. When troubles come our way whether it is on a personal, professional and/or global level, singing and dancing Asalaam Aleikum even if it is by ourselves, can bring us to the inner sanctum of peace. Once we touch this peace, it is as if a dove flies out from our hearts as a prayer for those in need.

Asalaam Aleikum from Dances of Universal Peace ~ The Muslim Tradition ~ Divine Peace

  1. ‘Asalaam Aleikum, Aleikum Asalaam’ – Standing in a circle, raise arms as walk into the center of the circle.
  2. ‘Asalaam Aleikum, Aleikum Asalaam’ – Lower arms as walk back to the perimeter of the circle.
  3. ‘Asalaam Aleikum’- With arms lifted, spin in place to the right.
  4. ‘Aleikum Asalaam’ – With arms lifted, spin in place to the left.
  5. Repeat sequence with ever increasing joy!
  6. Variations may include stepping to the right with each repetition so as to spread Divine Peace from every possible angle. If the group is large enough, the dance may be done in concentric circles.


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