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Exploring the Conscious and Unconscious Through Jewelry Making

Set of jewelry

Photo by Maryam Mermey

Exploring the Conscious and Unconscious Through Jewelry Making


Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist brought to light the concept of what is conscious or within our awareness and the concept of the unconscious or that which lies outside our awareness. According to Jung, it is this merging of opposites, which allows us to find balance and our core Self or illuminated identity. The medium of fused glass which means melting two or more layers of glass in a glass kiln is a powerful way to not only help see and but wear the manifestation of possibilities as a form of actualizing potential. Making fused jewelry such as the necklace and earrings above reminds us that there are unknown qualities waiting in the shadows of our being longing for expression as well as qualities and spiritual gifts already in the light of consciousness. The earring in the shadow on the left represents the unconscious and the earring in the light on the right represents consciousness. A star expresses the essence of an embodied human being. The necklace above illuminates the balance of opposites with the guiding star in the middle as the core or spiritual Self. The firing process reveals potentials hidden from view in the unconscious until great heat is applied, which can be looked at as the firing process of life's challenges bringing strengths to the light of consciousness.


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