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Soul Sound

DSC 2435 1
Photo by Akiba Mermey


Each morning 

its own

 soul sound.

Breathing in pure Qi 

from the place which never ends,

breathing out snowy light

until the body glistens 

and fears

become songs.




by Maryam Mermey

Portals of Light for 2017

Portals of Light

Photo by Akiba Mermey


Portals of Light for 2017

Portals of light

in the darkness.

Streaming into the unknown...

Powered by soul colors

sharing Divine Inheritance

at the speed of light.

Sending wishes 

that love be known

in every hue.

by Maryam Mermey 




Mallard Couple

 Photo of Mallard Couple by Akiba Mermey



Breathing in  

golden, early morning light

Breathing out

irredescent spirit

The comfort of floating 

in the presence

of your best friend



by Maryam Mermey







Deer Leaping

Deer Photo by Akiba Mermey



May your whole being

stretch out

in the liberation of flight,

responding to the calls

of your noble purpose.

May the compassion

of your forest colored eyes,

be ever present to inspire

the pathways of your dreams.

May you be ever alert

and in alignment with the movements

of your living heart.


by Maryam Mermey






Heart Fire


Winterberry Photo by Akiba Mermey


Heart Fire

Heart fire in winter

Nature's creative genius

Daring to arch, bend, reach... and


 by Maryam Mermey



Wings of Light and Shadow

DSC 0240 1 8
Photograph by Akiba Mermey

Wings of Light and Shadow

Fueled by illumination 

of early morning sunlight,

 to lift into sky,

called by its Nature

to open heart, spread wings 

and rise in the music,

  of light and shadow, 

the mysterious dance of flight...

by Maryam Mermey




















Chihuly's Blown Glass and Paintings

Chihuly at Schantz Galleries lisa vollmer photography 7370

Blown Glass By Chihuly at Schantz Galleries - Photograph By Lisa Vollmer


Chihuly at Schantz Galleries lisa vollmer photography 8089

Paintings By Chihuly at Schantz Galleries - Photograph By Lisa Vollmer


Blown Glass and Paintings

Last summer on our way to visit my Mother, we went to the Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge, MA. We were awed by the inspiring exhibit they had not only of Chihuly's blown glass but of his paintings! It turns out that his creative process is to make a spontaneous painting as a way to launch him into making a piece of blown glass. We were equally wowed by both his paintings and blown glass. What an incredible example of how one art form can ignite another artistic expression into being. I can only imagine the realizations he may have had giving birth to these amazing creations...

Heron Fairytale



Photo by Akiba Mermey

Heron Fairytale

Akiba took this photo at Torsey Pond in Readfield, Maine in the early morning. This image transports me to the realm of fairytales where one life form can change into another. There is a fluidity of life and spirit. The soft early morning light and golden, red hues create a warm glow. Beauty awaits us...


Divine Beauty

Divine Beauty

Last summer, my husband, Akiba and I went on a pilgrimage to Portugal. The brief film Pilgrimage journies through images of innocence, strength, receiving, giving, sharing, gratefulness and peace to culminate in an image of life~giving beauty. It is our hope that these images help to refresh your spirits as they did ours. As we approach Thanksgiving, may we all walk closer to the Divine Beauty described in the Native American song and dance, May I Walk With Beauty. 

May I Walk With Beauty from Dances of Universal Peace ~ the Native American Tradition ~ Divine Beauty ~

  1. ‘May I walk with beauty before me’ – Walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with arms outstretched in front of the body with upturned palms.
  2. ‘May I walk with beauty behind me’ – Continue walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with arms outstretched behind the body with palms facing down.
  3. ‘May I walk with beauty above me’ – Continue walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with arms lifted to the sky.
  4. ‘May I walk with beauty below me’ – Continue walking in a circle in a clockwise direction as arms lower to the sides of the body with palms facing the earth.
  5. ‘May I walk with beauty’ – Continue walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with a sense of heightened beauty.
  6. Variations may include other movements expressing Divine Beauty.


Divine Peace

Stained Glass Window of Dove

Photo by Maryam Mermey 


Divine Peace

Singing and dancing

in circles,

we find

our way


by Maryam Mermey


Asalaam Aleikum is Arabic and means hello and peace be with you. The Asalaam Aleikum song and dance represent the Muslim Tradition and are part of the Dances of Universal Peace. In these turbulent times, this song and dance can help us find the Divine Peace living in our inner most home. When troubles come our way whether it is on a personal, professional and/or global level, singing and dancing Asalaam Aleikum even if it is by ourselves, can bring us to the inner sanctum of peace. Once we touch this peace, it is as if a dove flies out from our hearts as a prayer for those in need.

Asalaam Aleikum from Dances of Universal Peace ~ The Muslim Tradition ~ Divine Peace

  1. ‘Asalaam Aleikum, Aleikum Asalaam’ – Standing in a circle, raise arms as walk into the center of the circle.
  2. ‘Asalaam Aleikum, Aleikum Asalaam’ – Lower arms as walk back to the perimeter of the circle.
  3. ‘Asalaam Aleikum’- With arms lifted, spin in place to the right.
  4. ‘Aleikum Asalaam’ – With arms lifted, spin in place to the left.
  5. Repeat sequence with ever increasing joy!
  6. Variations may include stepping to the right with each repetition so as to spread Divine Peace from every possible angle. If the group is large enough, the dance may be done in concentric circles.


Divine Gratefulness

Norwegian Fjord
Photo by Maryam Mermey (Norwegian Fjord)

Divine Gratefulness

The focus of this blog article is on Divine Gratefulness as expressed in the Christian hymn Gloria in excelsis Deo. Many moons ago, I was stirred to choreograph a dance to the first verse of this hymn, which is part of the Dances of Universal Peace. To this day, every time I sing this song and do the dance, I feel a fjord of gratefulness open up in my heart; gratefulness for the connection to the heavens above and the earth below and the joyous beings in the circle! Gloria in excelsis Deo means praise be to God on high. It's a mysterious process how listening to the angels and the mountains sing to each other can make us feel there is a pathway through even the most difficult times. At the top of the photo above, there is an angelic presence in the form of clouds. May this angelic presence watch over all of us as we find and refind Divine Gratefulness for that which is coming into being and that which is passing away...      

Gloria in excelsis Deo choreographed by Maryam Mermey ~ From the Christian Tradition ~ Divine Gratefulness ~

  1. ‘Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing ore the sky’ - Walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with hands cupped by the ears and extending the arms in a V.
  2. ‘And the mountains in reply, echoing their joyous strains’ - Continue walking in a circle in a clockwise direction with arms coming together to form a mountain peak with finger tips touching and coming apart in a pulsing motion radiating outward as an echo.
  3.  ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo’ – On the word “Gloria” spin to the right with outstretched arms and palms facing up, in a spirit of receiving, exuberant gratefulness. On the phrase, “in excelsis Deo” spin to the left with outstretched arms and palms facing down, in a spirit of giving, exuberant gratefulness. Repeat sequence 2x.
  4. Variations may include additional verses with movements expressing the emotions of Divine Gratefulness.

The focus of the next blog article is on Divine Peace as expressed in the song and dance Asalaam Aleikum from the Muslim Tradition.


Divine Receiving and Giving

Canadian Geese

Photo by Akiba Mermey


~ Divine Receiving and Giving ~

"From You I Receive, To You I Give", was composed by Joseph and Nathan from the Jewish Tradition. The song inspired the dance described below and is now part of the Dances of Universal Peace. Sacred Dance is a way to refresh our spirits by returning to our Divine Innocence and playful nature, which in turn fortifies us and gives us the Divine Strength to protect our true selves from harm. It is a powerful experience to stand before another human being with arms outstretched and palms facing up in a receiving position and then to turn palms facing out in a giving position. There is a sense of reverence for the Divine presence standing before us. I find this to be one of the holiest experiences of being a person. We realize this exchange of essences is what we all long for and it has nothing to do with our place in the world but everything to do with soul sharing. In the ecstasy of communion across all barriers, we join hands and rejoice that this is truly what feeds the soul. Then we spin to the next person and repeat the song and dance until we have experienced the bliss of Divine Receiving and Giving with as many people as possible. 


 "From You I Receive, To You I Give" from Dances of Universal Peace ~ The Jewish Tradition ~ Song by Joseph & Nathan   ~ Divine Receiving & Giving ~

  1. ‘From you I receive’ – Stand facing a partner with palms turned up in a receiving position.
  2. ‘To you I give’ – Continue facing same partner and turn palms outward in a giving position.
  3. ‘Together we share’ – Take hands across and walk in a circle in a clockwise direction.
  4. ‘From this we live’ – Let go of hands and spin to the next partner and repeat the sequence. If time allows, repeat this pattern until everyone has partnered with everyone in the group.
  5. Variations may include making individual movements expressing Divine Receiving and Giving.
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