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A Different Way---

A Different Way

Sometimes our beaks 

point a different way

not to the air, the ground, or a cattail

but to walking across the bark

feeling the life force of the tree

as we go the other way---

Photopoem by Akiba and Maryam Mermey


Black & White Warbler

The Grey Matter


The Grey Matter

On grey days

we come close 

to ourselves.

The inner eye

feels where it's going.

It doesn't matter

if we look unkempt 

and our hair is in disarray,

we are at home

in the space

between the light and the dark.

Photopoem by Akiba & Maryam Mermey


Red Wing Blackbird Medicine

Red Wing Blackbird Medicine

Red Wing Blackbird


The fire of your mighty soul

ignites the flight

Your legs tuck under

Your black eyes unafraid

Your wings embrace the air

Your fine beak points 

to where your medicine

is most needed.

photopoem akiba & maryam mermey

When you lead with your heart

Heron in Flight

When you lead with your heart,

what do you see?

When your legs are straight behind you,

what do you feel?

When your wings are spread in magnificence,

what do you touch?

When your eyes are gold and pure,

what do you know?

photopoem akiba & maryam mermey





Rachel's Mandala from Spring 2017 Healing Glass Workshop at Stained Glass Express

Healing Glass Mandala

“I am relaxing thinking of your workshop. I enjoyed it so much. You are so inspirational. I want to get back into glass. Working with glass is soothing to me. The colors and shapes of the pieces, the feel of them creating a life of their own on something tangible. Something beautiful..symbolic...and soothing to see. Your workshop was my catalyst to bring more beauty into my life, especially at this time. Thanks again…” Rachel

Bully, Target, and Witness-Hero Archetypes


Bully ArchetypeTarget Archetype

Witness-Hero Archetype

Hero Archetype

Fall 2017 Transforming the Bullying Cycle Through The Expressive Arts Workshop based on the bully, target, and witness-hero archetypes

Living inside the skin, the heart, and the breath

of a tormented bully,

is a target with vacant eyes

betrayed by lips weighed down

from rejection.  

And living inside the soul of a target

is a dove 

who knows and is a witness to suffering.

And within this suffering is a hero

with the strength

of eagle wings.

Photopoem by Akiba and Maryam Mermey Copyright © 2017

Poem for Rebecca

Blue Ice

 Poem for Rebecca

Star bird

Arrow with butterfly wings

I know your spirit

flew straight to the Divine Heart

leaving the terrain of suffering

far behind

Far behind is our now

to love and to serve

with everything we have

as you did

photopoem akiba & maryam mermey




Global Mandala

Fusing Glass Mandala

Beautiful, global sun catcher Mandala created by Nancy Lagin in Healing Glass Workshop offered by Maryam Mermey at Stained Glass Express. Nancy is a citizen of the world and brings her light everywhere she goes!

Longing for the Infinite


Longing for the Infinite

Some of us need a tree top

to touch the infinite

Some of us need a colorful silk scarf

 to wave in the air

Some of us need music to float our


back in time or beyond time


Some of us need the refuge of words

to know we are held

Some of us need hallowed ground

to place our hands in the earth

to let them rest

Some of us need an open fire

to see our spirits dance

And some of us need to slip into water

like the otter

to be graced

by the infinite

photopoem akiba & maryam mermey



Fusing Glass with Sex Trafficked Girls and Women in Nepal

Last week's Healing Glass workshop went very well and I received touching testimonies one of which came in the form of an invitation from a friend to offer fusing glass to sex trafficked girls and women in Nepal. I can't stop thinking about this...


Young Hooded Merganser


Head upright

webbed feet paddling with confidence and joy.

Eyes ablaze with hope

Compass to the future.

  Heart open to the waves  

Where will the white sail of your mind lead?

photopoem akiba & maryam 






With the tilt of my head

the inward look

in my eye,

I feel your sadness and madness

for the injustices

weighing upon 

the beauty of your soul.

I will perch here for as long as it takes


With my blue, black, white and violet feathers

to your sacred pain and wisdom.

photopoem ~ akiba & maryam mermey



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