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Sacred Glass Jewelry and Serving Dish

Glass Jewelry and Serving Dish

Inspiring Glass Jewelry and Serving Dish (made from a glass bottle) created by the Women's Healing Arts Circle at The Center for Wisdom's Women. The jewelry expresses the qualities with which they are filling their bodies as temples for the spirit. The sunflower is the sacred symbol for The Center for Wisdom's Women.

Two Doves




Peace is balancing on one foot

not knowing where

you're off to

but taking off


Peace is taking time

to turn your back

on the world

to fortify your spirit

with the nectar

of those who've gone before...

photopoem offering from akiba & maryam mermey



Healing Glass Workshop



Healing Glass Workshop

Friday, March 24th 2017, 5pm-8pm

The Glass Academy, Manchester, Maine

$50 fee, includes all materials

Please call: 207-213-4126 to register by March 17th

Instructor: Maryam Mermey, PHD, REAT


Glass Mandala
In the beautiful and inspiring environment of Stained Glass Express, participants have the opportunity to work and play with glass to create their own mandalas. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, ‘mandala’ means sacred circle. No experience is necessary as instructions are given in how to create a glass mandala as a way of beginning the sacred journey to the healing power within. This journey is continued as participants collaborate in the writing of a group story inspired by the most living images and designs in their glass mandalas. By invigorating the senses with glass and story making, images which long to be seen and heard find expression. In this way, the healing power of the creative process is engaged and celebrated in multiple artistic media.

Expect to fall in love with the possibilities of glass but not to become experts in this workshop. This is the beginning of discovery with glass art and the stories they tell, so be on the lookout for ongoing workshops in a range of glass art forms as well as expressive arts workshops. For art teachers, who wish to continue to learn the art of glass, be sure to pick up the Teach the Teacher Program flier. Registration: To hold your spot, please call Stained Glass Express at 213-4126 or stop in to the store at 966 Western Avenue in Manchester by Thursday March 16th 2017 . A 50% deposit is required at the time of signup. Class limit is 10.

Participant Reflections... "Thank you for a special sacred healing arts class. I think we all had a fabulous evening with you facilitating great muse!” "It was a very special evening together!” - Sara M. Dostie

“You are a gentle, enthusiastic & joyful teacher  Thank you for your leadership & knowledge.” - Susan Parks

"Maryam quickly established a rapport with the five of us that allowed her to create a level of intimacy for each of us to express ourselves while delivering technique (glass work) in a very simple/non-intimidating manner. Felt everyone did an exceptional job and this because Maryam is a sensitive person able to deliver instruction without making you up tight. I hope to take another class this summer!" - Bruce McClenahan

Dr. Maryam Mermey, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, holds a Ph.D. in Arts, Health and Society. She also has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, a M.Ed. in Arts in Education, and a B.A. in Dance and Poetry. Dr. Mermey studied Art, Fairytales and Healing the Psyche at the Carl Jung Institute in Kusnacht, Switzerland and has advanced training in grief therapy. She co-presented a workshop and film called From the Heart at The Third International Children’s Bereavement Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Maryam was also a cheraga or minister in the Sufi Order in the West as well as a member of the Sufi Healing Order. Dr. Mermey was formerly a grief and creative arts therapist in MA and currently has a private practice called Morning Glory Arts Therapy in Maine. She also offers Healing Glass workshops at Stained Glass Express in Manchester, Maine and teaches trainings in Expressive Arts Therapy and Sacred Dance.

Previously, Dr. Mermey taught the first expressive arts therapy courses at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine called Exploring the Expressive Arts and the Advanced Seminar in the Expressive Arts. She also developed an original bully prevention model called Transforming the Bullying Cycle Through the Expressive Arts, which she taught internationally. Her presentation and film on this work received a “Best Presentation” award from the Center for Scholastic Inquiry International Research Conference in San Francisco, California in 2014. She has also written a book entitled “New to the Forests of Selay” with an accompanying CD for elementary age students and teachers on transforming the bullying cycle through the expressive arts. These offerings and documentary films can be found on her web site: In the summer of 2014, Maryam and her husband Akiba, the Program Developer for The Transformative Arts, completed a film called: Norway: Art, Waterfalls, and the Human Spirit inspired by their trip to Norway. This film was shown at Railroad Square Cinema in the fall of 2014 followed by a discussion on The Healing Power of Art facilitated by Reverend Cindy Lepley. Maryam published an article in the 2016 Journal of Maine Education entitled “Arts-based Transformative Learning.” 

Language of Water

Hooded Merganser

 Language of Water

Fine ripples close to the body

an aura

of how we move 

Ripples in the distance

a cadence 

to an unknow destination

An approaching intersection

The wake an arrowhead 

to the future.

photopoem by akiba & maryam mermey


Still in Thought

Eastern Bluebird

Still in Thought

Thoughts stilled by the cold

Almond shaped eye

focused inward 

through the black hole 

of time.

Injustices tempered by love -

You have my heart

whatever comes.

photopoem by akiba & maryam mermey


Plants and Women's Health Presentation


Plants and Women's Health Presentation 


Photo by Maryam Mermey 

Are you interested in plants and women’s health? Come for a morning with... Deb Soule Founder, Avena Botanicals Saturday, March 4 10 -11:30 Presentation by Deb “Everything About Calendula and Vaginas” St. Mary’s Nutrition Center, 208 Bates St. Lewiston (by Kennedy Park) 12:00 -1:00 Lunch and Conversation with Deb “The Women Center’s Calendula Projects” The Center for Wisdom’s Women, 97 Blake St. Lewiston (between Pine & Ash St.) Sponsored by and benefitting $10 donation suggested for the day. The Center for Wisdom’s Women. Participants get a free packet of Calendula seeds! RSVP for the Lunch – 513-3922, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaking Truth to Power

Mallard Duck Rising Up

Photo by Akiba Mermey

Rev. Millie Mallard Exhorting everyone to "Rise Up - Rise Up - Speak Truth to Power - Peacefully!!!"

Jewelry Made By Women's Healing Arts Circle at The Center For Wisdom's Women


The magic stones, earrings and necklaces below were made by the magnificent women in the Women's Healing Arts Circle at The Center For Wisdom's Women to reflect the jewels within their hearts and souls.













Birth of Beauty

Foam mandalas

Mandalas (Sacred Circles) created by out~patient supervisors at Health Affiliates Maine in Expressive Arts Therapy demonstration. I had the joy of facilitating the demonstration and witnessing this birth of beauty!


Hooded MerganserStream

Photos by Akiba Mermey


Dreary grey

to golden turbulence

simmering with magical beings,

making fairy tales 

a way of life.


 Poem by Maryam Mermey

The Shadow and the Numinous Self

Fusing Glass Jewelry

Sometimes it is the darkness

which carries our souls

like a womb,

until the light

dances through the eye of a needle

and we hope

this to be

God's eye.

Jewelry & Poem by Maryam Mermey

Exploring Yin and Yang Through a Fusing Glass Mandala

Yin and Yang Mandala

Photo and Fusing Glass Mandala by Maryam Mermey

Exploring Yin and Yang Through a Fusing Glass Mandala


According to Chinese philosophy, yin is the feminine or receptive principle and yang is the masculine or expressive principle. As human beings we all have both principles and require a balance of yin and yang to give our intentions and ultimately, our purpose, the best chance of fulfillment. According to Sanscrit, the ancient language of India, mandala means Sacred Circle. In other words, the Divine is the center of the circle and the Divine is the circumference of the circle. In the center of the mandala above, the yin or receptive principle is represented by the figure leaning against the left side of the Tree of Life listening for Divine Guidance. The head is bowed in a gesture of turning inward. The yang or expressive principle is represented by the figure leaning against the right side of the Tree of Life expressing Divine Guidance. The head, the body, and the legs are pointing outwards in a gesture of manifestation. In the circumference of the circle, the transluscent triangle on the left and the transluscent rectangle on the right suggest the presence of mystery in both the act of listening and the act of responding. The blue shape towards the top of the tree symbolizes the heart of the Tree of Life, which unites both yin and yang. The firing process brings out the luminosity of all the pieces reflecting the alchemical process which is available to all human beings. 

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